The Better Schools Project has one very simple aim:

“To empower schools to deliver best value”


Our model for doing this is to scour the UK supplier landscape for companies who offer exceptional value. Trained consultants with experience in schools spend their days talking to suppliers to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We spend our time working with those suppliers to match them with contracts in schools where they can add the most value to our education system.

The reality is that often companies offering the best value don’t have the biggest profile or marketing budget. We attempt to address this imbalance by giving the best companies a platform to deliver excellence.

If you believe your company has what it takes to deliver outstanding value in the education sector, contact us today.

About the Better Schools Project

We specialise in procuring the best services for schools in the UK. With a database of pre-vetted suppliers we are perfectly placed to source the best service providers for a range of needs, from catering to IT infrastructure. View More

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