About Us

The Better Schools Project was founded in 2013 with the goal to help schools make the most of their budget. Since the 2008 recession, there have been constant financial cuts in the education sector which has led to a greater need for careful spending. With most schools confined to buildings which have numerous estate management challenges the need for well-managed spending on the built environment has never been more critical.

Our service focuses on:

  1. Helping schools make value-based judgements on the best use of limited funds.
  2. Running competitive tender processes.
  3. Providing exceptional suppliers to work on critical projects
  4. Working alongside schools to ensure projects are completed to specification.

Since 2013 we have helped schools in the UK appoint suppliers in over 2000 projects and efficiently spend millions of pounds.

As the funding environment continues to constrict we are becoming more and more critical to our school clients. We have noticed that conditions are becoming increasingly challenging with less funding, more complex projects and the need to increase pupil places. As school leaders try to wrestle with these management challenges across their organisations, we remain the choice of 300+ schools when they look to deliver best-value projects.

We have developed many key specialities in the five and a half years since we were founded. We have now run over 1000 tender processes for schools, and our team are experienced at building tender processes which drive valuable outcomes – whether the need is cost-based or engaging specialist contractors for an innovative solution, we can build out specifications and decision-making criteria which appoint the most appropriate contractors.

Alongside our expertise in delivering best-value procurement processes, we have built relationships with over 75 exceptional contractors who have passed our vetting process and have proven their ability to complete projects to meet detailed specifications. These suppliers cover every type of work you can imagine on your estate – from small repairs to large projects and a range of SLAs.